Are Crooks!!! Beware!!!

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I purchased 2 pairs of shoes from the above listed site 9 days ago and never received a confirmation, shipping notice, etc.After about a week and having not received the items that I'd ordered, I became suspicious and went back to their site to make inquiries regarding shipping, tracking, etc.

None of their hyperlinks to check the status or tracking of a purchase went anywhere (Like inactive address messages), their customer service contact form on their site went without response, and the phone number to contact their customer service went immediately without a ring to a Google voicemail box ("the Google voicemail customer is unavailable, please leave a message..") What kind of thing is that for a legitimate business? I waited a day or so without contact or a response, but ultimately had to stop payment through my credit card company. I wish I had remembered that I'd made this purchase sooner. They had already drawn money for one of my purchases....

This is not a legitimate company.

These guys are crooks who are apparently in the business of stealing money.Save yourself the aggravation and don't let them steal from you or your credit card company!!

Review about: Fisherman Sandal.

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